Electricity Transmission and Distribution

Activity Development

  • Advice in regards to the current duties and obligations of a distribution system operator (DSO) within the current legal framework and in the path of energy transition.
  • Advice on the processing and obtainment of construction, transfers and facilities closure administrative authorizations (administrative authorizations, registry entries,…)
  • Legal Counsel and defense in issues regarding the access and connection to the transmission and distribution grid and unpayment of grid access tariffs.

Distribution activity remuneration

  • Advice regarding the treatment and optimization of investments and costs, within the activity's own remuneration framework
  • Legal counsel in exchange or acquisition of distribution assets and regarding inspection proceedings by national regulatory authority (NRA)
  • Due diligence and activity assessment in M&A processes.

Administrative and Judicial proceedings

  • Legal Counsel and defense in administrative litigation proceedings regarding: the setting of the remuneration for the activity, access and connection issues, the use of facilities, bird-life disciplinary proceedings and supply quality.
  • Legal counsel and defense on civil proceedings: civil liability due to damages due to supply failure or electricity fraud


  • Legal Counsel and defense on proceedings regarding electricity tax, public domain fees and environmental taxes