Energy Consulting

Preparation of reports and studies

  • We elaborate studies and reports regarding the different aspects of the energy transition at both, European and national level, as well as comparative reports about the legislative evolution within Member States, using our vast expertise on deep knowledge on the European energy regulation, backed by our long professional presence in Brussels.
  • Advice on the implementation of regulation for the development of new business models on the energy field.


  • Our team excels and has a long history in organizing Seminars, Webinars and training curses about the energy transition both at European and national level.
  • Exclusive “in House” training sessions about energy regulations, specially tailored to business teams.

“Last minute” Energy

  • Up-to-date-information and updates about the latest changes in energy regulation, both at European and national level.
  • Active monitoring of any legislative development or initiative regarding the energy sector, both at European and national level.